Thursday, June 07, 2012

Storage Units

Whether you are about to move out of your apartment into your first very house or selling your home of many years to move into a more manageable condo, relocating takes a lot of work. Especially if you are moving from a bigger home to a smaller one, you may need to start downsizing. Though this process can be both physically and emotionally tough, there are a few ways to ease the stress:

  1. Take baby steps: If you have some time before your move, start to think about what you would like to bring to your new house and what you can give away or sell. Sometimes keeping a notebook to jot down important items that you want to keep or others that you no longer need can help alleviate some of the anxiety of moving. Once you are ready to start sorting your belongings, its okay to start small. In fact, it’s a great idea! Begin with a seldom-used area that doesn’t have too many things in it, like a guest bedroom or even a small closet. Begin to sort things into piles like “Keep”, “Donate”, “Give to family”, and “Sell.”

  1. Start boxing items immediately: Creating piles of your belongings will only lead to clutter and confusion. You will be amazed how good it can feel once you’ve made a decision to donate something and you can put it in a box and not worry about it any more. The same goes for items that will be joining you in your new home. Designate an area of your house to safely store the boxes you’ll be taking with you. Choose medium sized boxes so they don’t get too heavy, and don’t forget to label them. It may also be helpful to write specific descriptions of the items inside.

  1. Invite someone over to help: Every activity is more enjoyable with a friend or loved one by your side. Sorting through lifelong belongings can bring up a lot of great memories for you to share, and having someone to talk to can also be very helpful if you need to make a decision about what to do with a particular item. These choices can be tough, so make it easier on yourself. You can even put on some of your favorite music while the two of you sit and pack.

Unless you need to move in a hurry, take some time to go through your belongings. Don’t rush yourself or try to do too much in one day, and the daunting task of getting organized can actually be fun!


Author bio: Lisa is a guest blogger who writes about home ownership, getting organized, and finding storage units in Virginia Beach and storage units in McAllen. She believes in the power of lists, labels, and storage units.