Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Discovering Sarasota - Bungalow Hill

Bungalow Hill: Historic Elegance On The Hill

Founded nearly one hundred years ago, Bungalow Hill is a small subdivision of Sarasota sitting just south of Hudson Bayou. Picturesque and historic, Bungalow Hill is a family friendly combination of location, small town charm, and historic importance. With housing styles ranging from newer, modernized homes to bungalows from the 1920's, Bungalow Hills is a dream come true in today's Sarasota real estate market.

Almost secret in its location, this treasure of Sarasota is bordered by Orange and Pomelo Avenues and Bahia Vista Street. Its location is outstanding. It is within walking distance to downtown Sarasota, and is also convenient to popular attractions like Bayfront Park, the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, and the Burns Court and theater. Additionally, with being so close to Sarasota Bungalow Hill has an excellent school district with nearby Sarasota High and easy access to Sarasota Memorial Hospital and the Southside Village shopping district. With two large grocery stores in close proximity, the Ringling Bridge Walk, and the Siesta Keys being only a ten minute drive away, most residents fall in love with the charming Bungalow Hills neighborhood and stay for life in the quiet, peaceful neighborhood. The neighborhood is surrounded by the equally appealing Graham Heights and Prime Subdivision as well as Rigby's, with each neighboring community also carrying out the quiet historic charm of Sarasota's Bungalow Hill.

Five of the historic Sarasota houses in Bungalow Hill are featured on the annual Historic Homes Tours presented by the Sarasota Alliance for Historical Preservation. One stop on the tour is the Edwards-Fritz Home, designed by famous Sarasota architect Thomas Reed Martin and owned by Sarasota mayor A.B. Edwards who ran Sarasota during the 1910's. Other stops will be the 1927 Samuel T. Humber House, the 1918 Brewster and Hatch home, the Washington and Van Gilder Home, and The Hollins House. Each of these homes is steeped in architectural history relevant to its time.

The neighborhood is well loved for its friendly people, family oriented routines, close proximity to many exciting attractions, and diverse housing styles. As the name implies Bungalow Hill is famous for bungalows, but it also boasts more modern homes in a tasteful and elegant blend of historic and updated styles. Even when homes are updated or expanded, they are finished in keeping with the overall charming, historic feel of the neighborhood.

Sarasota Bungalow Hill harkens back to a time of sitting on the porch, chatting with neighbors, and knowing everyone by name. Kids play safely in the street, watched over by all the residents of the neighborhood. It is a step back to a peaceful, relaxed era where people cared about thier neighbors; an oasis of peace in hectic modern times. Bungalow Hill is in the process of building its own park, a welcome addition to the neighborhood. It is no wonder people choose to settle down and raise their families here; some homes have been through generations of possession by the same families.

With interest rates so low and Sarasota houses so affordable, many people are starting to look at the peaceful quiet neighborhood, and there has never been a better time than now to look into the Sarasota real estate pocket of Bungalow Hill.

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