Monday, January 16, 2012

Sarasota Living

The Sarasota Florida life style is very dynamic. This city has everything under the Florida sun to offer that the state is most known for. From pristine beautiful white sandy beaches to rich Floridian culture, Sarasota intrinsically pulls off melding together both the bohemian lifestyle with sophistication and fun at the same time. The town was first founded in the 1880’s and has since adapted into a major metropolitan city bordering other growing cities such as Bradenton, Palmetto, Ellenton and Venice. Located in the middle of the western Florida coastline it is less than a day’s drive from any city in Florida, and only a couple hours at most from more well known larger cities – Tampa, Miami, and Orlando.

It is easy to see why this city is so well loved by both the tourists and proud locals. Like many places in Florida, there is great seafood and the many, many sunny days. Having a tropical climate, this area rarely freezes and never snows. The gulf beach breezes are only minutes away when a fun day of escaping the summer heat is in need. The Sarasota lifestyle is one of the most relaxing and beautiful places to live in the United States.
Sarasota is home to what is debated to be some of the world’s best beaches. Siesta key is loaded with a beautifully generous stretch of glistening blue ocean skylines, white powdery sands, gulf sunsets, and occasional dolphin sightings. People travel from all over the world to visit there. Lido is in close proximity, which is a quieter beach that is also popular as well; for some locals it is the preferred beach. It is next to St. Armand’s Circle that has many small upscale restaurants and shops. This is a wonderful place to spend the day. St. Armand’s Circle is loaded with infamous local artists and small family owned shops with excitement for all the senses; such as a small family owned fudge shop where you can watch the employees make homemade treats before your eyes, various small stores holding original artworks by local artists and small boutiques with one of a kind fashions.

Sarasota is also a great place for the family. The mote marine is a wonderful place for both kids and adults, where you can view dolphins, manatees, and pet the stingrays. The museum is a great place to learn about the Florida reefs and ecology. There is a nice gift shop at the end of the museum’s tour.
Sarasota is not just known by tourists for its shopping, weather and beaches, it is also a well known amongst artists. It is the home of the prestigious Ringling School of Art, named after John Ringling, an eccentric circus performer who first put Sarasota on the map.

John Ringling made an elaborate Italian villa for his wife Mable, and had his mansion and extensive art collection donated to the People of Florida which has become the official art museum of the state of Florida. The collection contains thousands of art collections from paintings to sculptures and hosts the medieval fair in October where people can watch reenactments by performers dressed in costumes from the Middle Ages.

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