Monday, March 05, 2012

Number One Spring Break Destination for Families – Sarasota Florida

According to (SATW), the Society of American Travel Writers, the best place in the United States for family vacations, during spring break, is Sarasota, Florida. The Society of American Travel Writers was the source of this honor. They used the opinions of their travel experts on the factors that make a city a great place for families to go on a vacation during the annual spring break from school. Livability dot com is the website that announced the award.

SATW board member, Annette Thompson explained, "Family destinations have interests for all members, at all age groups, of a family. This is the main factor that makes any destination, family friendly. These activities should occur both in and out of doors. This provides vacation protection from inclement weather. One of the best features of Sarasota is the many beaches of white sand, bordering on azure blue waters. Nearby are many entertainment opportunities. Combined, all these factors are what make Sarasota the best of possible spring break vacation destinations."

Because of its six different beach sites, Sarasota is considered more friendly for families than other destinations. Each of the six sites has a variety of hotels, rental accommodations, parks for relaxation, natural and heritage sites and restaurants with fantastic food. An example of one of the great historical sites is the mansion home of John Ringling, who was connected with the Ringling brothers circus. Sarasota also has great cultural offerings. There is a nationally famous opera house, a ballet troupe, a symphony orchestra, theaters, galleries of art and a variety of museums.

One of the favorite pastimes, for nature lovers, is a great collection of parks and wildlife preserves. Visitors can observe foxes, tropical birds, alligators and other wildlife. In most of these areas there is so much wildlife that warnings have to be posted about not feeding the alligators please! Some locations have sailboats, jet ski equipment and kayaks for rental. For baseball fans, the Baltimore Orioles hold spring training camp in Sarasota.

As with other Gulf coast beach areas, one of the most popular pastimes is sunset. Thousands of sunset lovers gather on the beaches, and at area restaurants with great western vistas, to watch the sun set for the day.

Sea sports are also popular, as are watching for Gulf Coast dolphins that love to tease people on the beaches with their peak and hide antics. This normally occurs in mid to late afternoon, in each of the six Sarasota beach locations.

Designation as the best Family Vacation Spring Break Destination is not the only award Sarasota has earned. One of the many other awards was given to Siesta Key beach. This beach is considered the number one beach in the United States. This award was given by Doctor Beach and is noted by a billboard near the beach pavilion at Siesta Key beach.

Sarasota real estate has benefited from these awards and popular destination designations. Near Siesta Key beach are the beautiful Siesta Key Condos, which have become a popular property for frequent visitors to Sarasota.

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