Saturday, March 03, 2012

Sarasota Proves To be #1 For Retirees

Sarasota Proves To be Number One For Retirees

Looking for your perfect retirement home? According to, Sarasota Florida is at the top of the list for best places to retire. Founded in the early 1900's, this little gem of Florida's Central West Coast is considered to be the cultural hub of the state. Sarasota real estate is affordable, and the weather is warm all year round.

Sarasota, Cultural Hub Of Florida
Whether it is a night at the opera, an afternoon of music from the acclaimed West Coast Symphony, or a weekend of theater from The Players, Sarasota culture is teeming with music, dance, art and theater. The Ringling Brothers Circus has a close connection to Sarasota, wintering their show in the city and founding the well known John and Mabel Ringling Museum of Art, among other institutions. The Asolo is an Italian theater that Ringling bought and reconstructed in Sarasota; it now is in use by Florida State University's fine arts program.

Since 1965, The Sarasota Music Festival has been hosting established musical acts as well as giving students a chance to perform. There is also a classic car museum, an aquarium, a circus dedicated to the memory of John Ringling, and many art galleries. Sports fans aren't left out, either, as Sarasota holds the spring training camp for the Baltimore Orioles.

Sarasota, Real Estate Options
If your budget is a condo budget, a small detached house budget, or a luxurious water-side home on Siesta Key budget, Sarasota real estate is affordable and the housing market strong. There are multiple gated and golfing communities, apartments, and middle class neighborhoods. Sarasota boasts several hospitals, medical facilities, and doctor's offices. There is both bus and Amtrak service to get around Sarasota, especially for shopping in the beautiful St. Armand's Circle. With no state income tax, Sarasota easily proves itself as one of the best places to retire.

Sarasota, Historically Fascinating

The Historical Society of Sarasota itself began in 1927, and it continues to preserve historic buildings such as the 1901 Crocker Memorial Church and the 1882 Bidwell-Wood House, the oldest building in Sarasota. Sarasota is packed with historical significance as a home for native Americans over 3000 years ago, a landing point in the 1500's for Ponce de Leon, an attractive spot for Scottish immigrants in the 1880's, and the home town of philanthropist and circus founder John Ringling. The buildings of Sarasota demonstrate the rich historical background of the town.

Sarasota, So Much To Do
There is no limit to how you can spend your days in a Sarasota retirement. Deep sea fishing, golfing, visits to the aquarium, spending the day at the beach and diving with dolphins can all be done within the town limits, but nearby Bradenton, Venice and Osprey all offer entertainment for Sarasota residents as well. Sarasota places special emphasis on adult education programs.

It is no surprise that on February 28,2012, Sarasota ranked number one on the list of the best places to retire at

The others listed were:

#2) San Antonio,Texas: A popular retirement spot among service member retirees, but it has high crime rates.

#3) Naples,Florida: A retirement spot geared towards wealthier individuals, but there are no colleges available for continuing adult education.

#4) Tuscan,Arizona: Warm winters, beautiful scenery and low housing prices make this town a good choice, but there are high crime rates and elevated taxes.

#5) Asheville,North Carolina: Popular for its mild climate and variety of neighborhoods, this town's housing is expensive and there are high crime rates.

#6)  Beaufort,South Carolina: This a good retirement choice due to low tax rates, but the job market is tight and health care facilities are not abundant.

#7) St. Augustine,Florida: Low housing prices and rich historical significance make this a popular choice, but retiree jobs are scarce.

#8) Fort Myers,Florida: This town offers low housing prices and a variety of activities, but it has heavy traffic congestion and high crime rates.

#9) Venice,Florida: Beautiful beaches and quaint communities abound, but there are no adult education opportunities.

10) Prescott, Arizona: Boasting a beautiful downtown area, this area has high taxes and limited healthcare facilities.

Sarasota stands proudly at the top of this list of best retirement places, and with adult education emphasis, many cultural activities, proximity to beautiful beaches, and a wide variety of popular attractions it is likely to stay there for some time to come.