Saturday, May 20, 2006

Sarasota real estate taxes

The real estate taxes in Sarasota are too high. Maybe it is time for the voters to start electing people with a background in business and finance instead of retired teachers and community activists.

The county should be awash in money. With property values at an all time high, where is all of the money being spent? I have no idea. I am lax in that I have not really examined our budget. However, I do know that all we hear about is how much more money the public servants always need.

As an example, we hear about the needs of our schools but then we find out they mis-judged the number of new students coming into our schools. Another issue is why do we need to pay 10 million dollars for additional park lands which is something they did this past year? Every park I drive by seems to be always be pretty much empty.

I think we should roll back real estate taxes to 2002 and make them portable - meaning the home owner can take them to their next property. This would also help solve the issue of affordable housing. Right now people are not moving up because they can't afford the taxes.

Lets hope something changes.

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