Sunday, March 12, 2006

FSBO Beware

It happens more often than one would think - a real estate agent being attacked when showing homes. Most of us are trained on the correct procedures to follow when showing property to a stranger. But FSBO sellers, in my opinion, have no idea the risks they face when opening their house to a stranger. Older sellers, as we often have here in Sarasota, are especially vulnerable to attack or to theft. Imagine a "nice couple" showing up at your home to view the property. Also imagine they split up once inside the house - one going one way and the other a different direction. You cannot watch 2 at once if you are along. A professional thief can grab a piece of jewelry in about 2 seconds. The situation could also result in a violent attack. The bottom line is let us do our jobs for you. Stay out of trouble. Here is a story about a recent attack. ... Agents wary after attack

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