Monday, February 27, 2006

Another Sarasota Golf Course to Give Way

Well, another piece of Sarasota recreational land is headed for single family and condo development. The Gulf Gate golf course, located in south Sarasota is on the verge of being purchased. I don't think there is anything the surrounding homeowners can do about this one.

In fact most of the existing homes will not be directly affected since only a few of the homes now sit on the golf course.

If the sale and planned development goes through, there definitely will be more traffic in the area. One of the stumbling blocks will be the current zoning which calls for 1 home per acre. I am sure any attempt to change this restriction to more than 3/4 homes per acre will be strongly opposed.

One would hope the new project would be assimilated into the existing neighborhood and character. The bottom line though is this is a done deal in my opinion.

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