Monday, March 13, 2006

Sarasota is #4 in the Nation for Employment Opportunities

Sarasota is #4 in the Nation for Employment Opportunities

New jobs are opening up in Sarasota at the rapid pace of four times the national average. This dramatic increase is understandable given the notable influx of new residents to the County over the last decade. In 1995, Sarasota reported 283,258 residents. By 2005, the population had risen by 23% to 367,867. With statistics like these, Sarasota has been ranked #4 in the list of major cities for jobs in the United States.

Sarasota County reported only 2.8% unemployment for November, 2005, or 4,869 of 171,250 laborers out of work. At 2.8%, Sarasota County ranked below the state average for unemployment, which was at 3.5%. Both Sarasota and the state of Florida scored significantly lower than the national average of 4.8%.

So where can job-seekers find work? The highest percentage of jobs, 15%, is in Health Care and Social Assistance. 11% of workers are in the Construction industry, and another 10% are involved in Accommodation and Food Services. Other popular sectors include Office and Administrative Support Occupations, Sales, and Production Occupations. Employees in Sarasota gross an average of $638.00 per 40-hour work week, which calculates to an annual income of $33,176.

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