Saturday, March 19, 2005

If you are considering selling your home ...

If you are considering selling your home here are few special tips ...

Don't put it on the market until it is ready

Get rid of the clutter ... (Don't forget the refrigerator magnets)

Remove any excess furniture, magazines, books and knick-knacks

Have the home professionally cleaned including the windows & Shower Doors

Organize the garage

Have the driveway, outside decks and any tile roofs power washed

Change outdated fixtures

Replace the following if you have an older home:
Air vent covers
Electrical Plugs and covers & all switch plates
Room Ceiling Fans

Paint and re-carpet as necessary. Do not make the mistake of thinking the new owners will want to pick their own colors.

Re-grout where necessary

Clean and lubricate the window and sliding glass door tracks

Finally, have the property inspected be a licensed Home Inspector and a termite inspector. These reports will provide you with a list of any mandatory repairs that could be required by an eventual contract as well as impressing potential buyers with the condition of the property.

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