Saturday, March 12, 2005

Florida Impact Fees Update

I noticed the following report in the Sarasota Herald Tribune real estate section.

"Florida homebuilders are pushing legislation that would reduce the impact fees they pay when they build new homes.

But county governments that rely on those fees to pay for new schools, roads and other infrastructure created by growth are worried it could cost them millions.
And they want state lawmakers to stop meddling in their finances.

"It's none of the state's business," said Sarasota County Commissioner Jon Thaxton. "This is county government's business. We are the ones responsible for assessing and spending the fees."

Impact fees have been a fact of life for developers and homebuyers in Florida for three decades, helping fund the growth boom.

Counties across the state decide how much to collect and how to spend the money."

The facts are not totally accurate. Impact fees are often just a "windfall" for country governments. The developer often bears the costs of building the schools and improving the roads as part of the "approval process" from the counties.

Like the automobile impact fees before it, lets hope the Sarasota real estate impact fees are done away with quickly.

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