Monday, March 14, 2005

Sarasota Real Estate Taxes

Taxes on Sarasota real estate are growing at an alarming rate because they are directly tied to real estate prices. Thank goodness for some members of the Florida legislature who have recognized this problem and are trying to do something about it. You either have to roll-back the tax rate or "marry the current tax to the property" with a cap of a 3% increase or so per year.

How in the world will Sarasota real estate first-time buyers ever afford a house let alone the outrageous property tax if the current taxing system is allowed to go unchanged. Its not right and it is a real threat to our local Sarasota economy.

I lived in California when there was huge roll-back in the property tax. (Prop 9 I think it was). It can be done by referendum but this would take awhile.

I noticed the comments of Mr. Thaxton a Sarasota county commissioner. I think Mr. Thaxton doesn't grasp the problem and certainly doesn't have an equitable solution. If he were doing his job then the state would not have to get involved.

The sales tax, not the property tax and certainly not impact fees , is the fair and balanced method of paying for our roads and schools and police - everyone shares the burden because everyone uses the services and everyone should pay.

Freeze the tax on an existing property, roll back the tax rate, and implement a cap of 3% or so a year as is presently the the structure in place now for homestead property.

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