Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Do we need more taxes in Sarasota?

Do we need more taxes here in Sarasota? If one thinks we do then vote for Jennings in the upcoming election.

Should America cut and run out of Iraq? Should America wait and fight the terrorists here on our soil? If yes then vote for Jennings.

Do Seniors need more taxes like the death tax? Yes? Vote for Jennings.

Does America and 3,000+ fallen heroes "deserve to lose" in Iraq as Democrats claim? Vote for Jennings.

Do you want the Democrats defending us against North Korea? Yes? Vote Jennings.

But if you think the economy is in better shape, growing at 3-4% a month and the war on terrorism is better fought in the middle east and North Korea is a lot more than an idol threat, and unemployment which is at an all-time low is a good thing, then get out and vote for Vern Buchanan and bring a friend.

Enough taxes already.

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