Saturday, August 19, 2006

Tax notices are out

The property tax notices (Trim notices) are coming out again. Guess what? Taxes didn't go down... For non-resident owners they really didn't go down. They exploded.

What is up with the commissions in this area - city and counties. Why can they figure out how to generate money without raising taxes? Why can't they figure out how and when to build schools that don't go empty? Why can't they figure out we don't need more parks and conservation lands? Why can't they figure out how to roll back actual property taxes to 2002 and live within that income?

Prop 13 worked in California years ago - rolling back taxes - and it can work here in Sarasota. One would think Jimmy Carter was the president and that interest rates were 20% and inflation soaring and unemployment at 9%.

Frankly, who can afford to own a house any more? The monthly insurance payment and monthly tax payment almost doubles the house payment. Even if we social engineer an affordable housing plan, who will be able to afford the taxes or the insurance? Oh, we don't charge them taxes? Says who? Do we get to vote on that? If not - why not?

If you really are looking for a way to get your blood pressure up, watch the commissions in action and listen to these idiots discuss how to spend our money. It is a joke. These people have no idea about economics. They have no idea how to generate money into the community besides raising our taxes. Of course they have wonderful ideas how to spend money.

Maybe it is time for some new ideas ... try these on for size...

I would roll back real estate valuations & taxes to 2002 and cap them at 2% maximum increases for everyone and raise the sales tax to 9%. Yup 9 %!

I would approve all developments coming into the area as fast as we could.

I would call the Cincinnati Reds and tell them everything is a go!

I would not buy another piece of property - what the heck is the government doing owning property in the first place? Sell every piece of county or city property owned now.

I would sell and lease-back for 99 years all municipal buildings like the post office does.

I would charge for parking at the beaches.

I would stop picking up trash 2 x's a week in the city. My trash gets picked up once a week and everything seems to be just fine.

I would roll-back the commissioners salaries to 2002 plus inflation.

that's my 2-cents... what's yours?

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