Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sarasota Real Estate Taxes

Finally someone gets it! Yesterday a Florida state senator from Miami seemed to get the fact that local governments, who get their taxing authority from the State, spend too much money and tax too much. Although he praised Sarasota (he was a guest here speaking) I think Sarasota is just as bad as any government when it comes to spending my money and your money. If anyone does not think this is a problem, get yourself a copy of the Sarasota county budget. Call the county and they will send one - free of charge of course. (It only weighs about 5 lbs., by the way).

State lawmakers seem to be ready to deal with the exploding real estate taxes. Perhaps they are tired of paying taxes like we are. Perhaps they understand it is our money and not their money. If you want to kill an economy then raise taxes, vote down any new projects which would increase the tax base and tax revenue.

Local governments and for that matter any level government do not create wealth. They reduce it. But thanks in part to what may be a changing mood and tide in Tallahassee, someone is starting to get it.

What can you and I do about it? For one thing, vote. And, vote for those that would cut taxes and cut spending. Today's lawmakers at the local level somehow feel it is their mandate to create a social state where they the government exists to provide everything to everyone.

Vote for candidates who are savers and not spenders.

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