Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Why Invest in Sarasota Real Estate

Reasons to invest in Sarasota Real Estate ...

Sarasota Real Estate Under-priced
Most of Sarasota real estate continues to be under-priced. A majority of single family homes are still priced under $300,000. Sarasota lags far behind other areas of Florida such as Naples, Fort Lauderdale & Boca Raton to name a few.

Are certain areas better than others?
Personally, as an investment, the Sarasota downtown condo market is the only area I would shy away from until investor-owned inventory of properties are converted to owner-occupied units.

The demand for the greater Sarasota area remains very strong with no end in sight for the next 10 years. Why? Because of a number of factors. Every day, 10,000 people in this country turn 55. And many are turning to to the South and to Sarasota. This segment of the population will continue to drive the market for the next 10 years.

Baby Boomers
The 78 million Americans born between 1946 and 1964, the period after World War II and before the introduction of the birth control pill, are gradually reaching retirement age.

Cash Buyers
Many Buyers are cash buyers and are not affected by changes in the interest rates. Income TaxFlorida does not have a state income tax.

Job Market
Additionally, with more influx comes more demand for goods and services. The is reflected in the very low unemployment rate in Sarasota. Sarasota has jobs waiting. Not only are the baby-boomers coming but so are the x-gen families of the boomer's. It used to be that parents follow the kids. Today we are seeing the kids following the parents.

Experts agree Sarasota real estate should continue to appreciate because of the demand described above and because of limited land availability for new home developments in the Sarasota area. While a 2% / month increase is unlikely, it is very fair to assume that an 8% - 12% /year increase will continue for some time. As your Sarasota Realtor we have the knowledge and inside track on the state of the Sarasota market and the current real estate trends.

Location & Culture
Sarasota's prime location on the Gulf Coast also attracts the Florida buyer in disproportionate numbers relative to the rest of the State. Our cultural base with a symphony, art galleries, a film festival, numerous playhouses and off Broadway shows creates a setting for wonderful living.

Climate and Beaches
Sarasota has the finest beaches anywhere in North America. The average temperature is in the 80's and the sun shines most of the time! Named the "Best Beach" in North America by National Geographic, the Siesta Key beach is a prime example of our terrific water wonderland. White Crystal-like sand is spectacular when first viewed. And, it never gets hot on your feet!

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